Binance Broker Program: Together We Grow

Through the Binance Broker Program, we’re able to collaborate with more than 100 brokers to jointly grow the blockchain ecosystem. With the introduction of the Binance Futures Broker Bonus Program, bigger growth lies ahead.

Binance Broker Program: Together We GrowCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Last September 2019, we launched the Binance Broker Program , with the goal of forming collaborations with major crypto brokers worldwide. We’ve provided order matching services, account management, and settlement systems to our partner brokers. And we’ve constantly sought to improve this program in the succeeding months. For instance, last February, we were able to upgrade the program to include access to Binance Futures, now one of the leading crypto derivatives markets worldwide, as well as API key mode access.

Each of our broker partners is able to earn significant rebates and commissions on the trading fees that come to Binance through their efforts. Our partners also benefit from Binance’s liquidity, market depth, asset management, and security infrastructure, and personalized marketing support. Our top brokers also get rewarded, using 10% of the revenue we generate from the program.

Over the course of the past six months, we were able to provide access to the Binance Broker API to more than 100 brokers, including trading platforms, trading bots, asset management teams, crypto wallets, and more. We were able to activate tens of thousands of active users across the spot and futures markets through these brokers, resulting in $100 million in additional daily average trading volumes. Brokers also play a major part in Binance’s market-growing initiatives. For instance, in the ongoing Binance Futures Trading Tournament, more than 30 teams that have participated came from users referred by brokers.

Within the niche markets they operate in, each of our broker partners are able to offer their respective benefits, further powered by Binance technology.

Different Implementations, Same Positive Results

The Binance Broker Program has delivered mutual growth to both Binance and our broker partners. We are able to provide different growth scenarios to a variety of partners, including crypto data tracking companies, exchanges, asset management services, and even traditional financial services.

Crypto data tracking companies benefit from the Binance Broker Program by being able to integrate Binance’s real-time trading information and provide that to their users as a value-added service. For instance, blockchain infrastructure project Streamr recently integrated with Binance for real-time trade feeds, benefiting its algorithmic trading clients by providing sentiment data and other beneficial information.

For small to mid-sized exchanges , the Binance Broker Program allows them to gain access to the data and technology that powers the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. In turn, they are able to worry less about things like liquidity and market depth, freeing them up to focus on providing a unique, compelling trading service and marketing their brands. One of the exchanges we work with is 3Commas, which launched the, a new crypto trading platform that offers automated and smart trading features and is powered in part by Binance’s market prowess.

Asset management services , which offer specialized wealth maintenance services to a small pool of high-priority clients, benefit from integrating with the Binance Broker Program. By offering crypto acquisition and trading services to these high-value clients, asset managers are able to diversify their portfolios and explore more growth opportunities through Binance’s numerous markets and solutions, from trading on spot and futures markets to crypto services like margin trading, lending, and more.

As the global spread of crypto is just a matter of time, traditional financial service providers may also see the value in being able to integrate with a leasing cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. Similar to what asset management services can offer their VIP clients, an innovative financial service company can find ways to take advantage of the crypto markets and provide growth opportunities for themselves and their clients.

Being a Broker Partner Just Became More Rewarding

And if those scenarios are not enough to encourage you to be a Binance Broker Partner right now , we are making it more rewarding for you, especially if you’re interested in being a broker for Binance Futures. Right now, about 50% of our brokers support Binance Futures, and we’ll make it more rewarding for you to be among our broker partners for futures.

With the newly-launched Binance Futures Broker Bonus Program , you can now earn a bonus of up to 72,000 USDT, based on the fees paid by your referrals over a period of one calendar month. This is on top of the 30% commission you’ll earn from referring new users to Binance. This means that if your referrals end up paying 360,000 USDT in trading fees, you get to earn a total of $180,000 from commissions and bonuses. See the table below for more information, or email us at [email protected].

Total Fees Paid (USDT)

30% Commission (USDT)

Bonus (USDT)

Total Earned (USDT)

























In addition, Binance is growing our broker support network to accommodate even more partners. So we’re on the lookout for talented people who can support the growth of our broker program. Check out our job openings here and join Team Binance.

Binance Broker Program: Together We Grow
DexStrats 13 August, 2021
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