Binance Charity Donates More Than $60,000 for Healthcare Workers’ Masks in Mexico City

Binance Charity Donates More Than $60,000 for Healthcare Workers’ Masks in Mexico CityCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Binance Charity, the first non-profit organization to enable charitable giving with virtual currency, has donated $60,800 to aid healthcare workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico. The donations were used to purchase KN95 masks and will be distributed among three hospitals in Mexico City, each of which was strongly affected by the pandemic.

“The KN95 masks have been donated from the funds of the Crypto Against COVID campaign. As the conditions get worse, we send these safeguards to serve and protect our healthcare heroes in Mexico fighting on the front lines. We thank them for their efforts and wish to remind them that they are not alone in this fight against the coronavirus.” Said Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity.

Since March 2020, the Crypto Against COVID campaign has raised over $4 million from over 200 donors across the crypto community, and these funds are being used to combat COVID-19 in 400+ hospitals all over the world.

To see the full list of countries that Binance Charity has supported, click here .

Through the donations to Mexico, we were able to purchase 30,400 KN95 masks to supply the following 3 hospitals:

  • General Hospital Palenque - 9,600 masks

  • National Institute of Cardiology Ignacio Chavez - 10,400 masks

  • Hospital General De. Darío Fernández Fierro - 10,400 masks

“We are grateful to Binance Charity for the support given to Hospital Darío Fernández, for caring our staff with the masks provided and helping us to continue fighting against this disease. Thank you so much, although helping is one of the most complicated actions, it is also one of the most rewarding and each one from our trenches, we are doing the best we can so we all get through this pandemic”, declared public relations´ head at Darío Fernandez Hospital, Lic. Mercedes Bernardino.

Since early 2020, Mexico has been closed off to non-essential travel. Yet, over time, it has become an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. The face mask donations are delivered to Mexico in a time where they see a steady increase in the number of new cases, which many experts believe to be a misrepresentation of the overall actual number of infections.

Records indicate that there have been 6,302 new coronavirus cases and 208 deaths since Friday, bringing the case total to 381,832 and the death tally to 18,710. Mexico City has some of the highest numbers of active cases.

As COVID-19 spreads, Binance Charity will continue its philanthropic pursuit in distributing its resources based on the need to assist and combat medical emergencies.

About Binance Charity

Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled philanthropy towards achieving global sustainable development. Binance Charity aims to transform philanthropy by utilizing its 100% transparent donation platform based on blockchain to build a future where technology innovation is used to end all forms of poverty and inequality, advance sustainable development and ensure that no one is left behind. To date, BCF has supported over 1 million end beneficiaries through various programs. Visit for more details. Follow us on Twitter @BinanceBCF for updates on current and upcoming events.

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Binance Charity Donates More Than $60,000 for Healthcare Workers’ Masks in Mexico City
DexStrats 13 August, 2021
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