Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Earn Enthusiast

Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Earn Enthusiast

Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Earn EnthusiastCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Love gains but want to minimize your risk? Or perhaps you’re a HODLer at heart. Binance Earn has the right product for you, no matter what your crypto personality is.

Main Takeaways:

  • Binance Earn has something to offer even the most experienced crypto users. Access opportunities to grow your crypto across multiple blockchains and platforms in one single place.

  • Liquid Swap lets you earn rewards when you provide liquidity with a wide range of coins, tokens and stablecoins. Add either a single cryptocurrency or a pair in one of the most flexible DeFi pools around.

  • Dual Investment lets users earn enhanced yield while taking a directional view on the market’s movement.

  • DeFi Staking makes it easy to manage your DeFi funds. There are no transaction fees, external wallets or DApps to deal with. Just sit back and watch the interest stack up.

When it comes to crypto, we’ve all got our own goals and strategies. Luckily for you, Binance has a wide variety of options that can satisfy your needs. It’s as simple as heading to Binance Earn and taking a look around.

To help you discover your crypto persona, we’ve explored three types of Binance users. From the basic beginner to the seasoned pro, you’ll easily find products that fit your needs and experience. Let Binance Earn help you make the most of your crypto.

The Earn Enthusiast: Expert Emma

Emma is a 32-year-old professional who loves nothing more than contributing some of her disposable income towards crypto. While her friends put their savings in the bank, Emma makes her money work harder. She’s been growing her crypto over the last few years and has already managed to see a bull run or two. Emma holds stablecoins to improve her liquidity, a fair few altcoins and even tokens from some of the most innovative DeFi projects around.

Emma knows there’s more opportunity for gains in crypto than just HODLing. She already uses DeFi products, but she’s tired of moving and managing her coins between multiple wallets. Emma is also interested in making gains even if the market is bearish, but she’s not very keen on trading futures.

As an already regular Binance user, Emma knows that Binance Earn is a one-stop shop for interest-bearing crypto products. In fact, she’s already logged in to Binance and can access them with just a single click.

But not everyone’s an Expert Emma. Perhaps you’re more of a Cautious Claire or Moderate Mike ? Whatever your crypto persona is, Binance Earn has something that will suit your style.

Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Earn EnthusiastCryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Growing Crypto for the Advanced User: The “Diversify and Earn” Method

Emma’s tried-and-tested strategy is to diversify her crypto balance. She loves the returns that high-risk products offer but also needs other opportunities to hedge her risk. After a few years of crypto ownership, Emma knows that the market isn’t always a smooth ride! By keeping half of her coins in low-risk products, she can sleep easy knowing she’d reduced her portfolio’s risk.

After exploring Binance Earn, Liquid Swap and DeFi Staking both catch Emma’s attention. The two options provide exposure to DeFi without the need for multiple wallets, moving crypto or expensive transaction fees. What a relief. There’s even the option to use stablecoins and earn interest on them.

To reduce her risk but earn competitive rates at the same time, Emma takes a look at Dual Investment. This product lets her hedge a price on a cryptocurrency, earn interest, and have the chance to purchase or sell crypto at an attractive price. With her stash of stablecoins, Dual Investment’s Down-and-Exercised offerings are a great match..

Liquid Swap

Liquid Swap is a great way for Emma to tick off two of her goals. Using Liquid Swap’s Stable Investment product, she can provide liquidity with her BUSD and USDT, earn interest and hedge her positions with low-risk options. There’s no lock-in period, and Emma earns her rewards in BNB sent directly to her Binance Spot Wallet.

At the same time, Emma can invest her DeFi tokens in Liquid Swap’s Innovative Investment pools. These typically provide larger returns but do have the risk of impermanent loss, which occurs when the price of tokens swings between the time you deposit the tokens into the pool and the time you withdraw. Innovative Investment pools are an excellent way for Emma to balance her lower-risk stablecoin assets with potentially higher earnings.

Dual Investment

Dual Investment offers Emma another opportunity to hedge her crypto and earn a significantly higher yield at the same time. Using her knowledge of the crypto market, Emma decides whether the market will be bullish or bearish in the coming few weeks and bet on her directional views. She can lock in some returns on her stablecoins and also have the chance to purchase BTC at a relatively low price in the future with added interest. No matter the outcome, both provide Emma with an excellent way to accumulate higher returns than other Earn products.

DeFi Staking

To diversify her crypto assets, Emma decides to place some of her BUSD and BNB in the DeFi Staking product. Binance does all the hard work and leaves Emma with the yields she’s looking for. There’s flexibility in the lock-up periods meaning that she can move her funds to other products or withdraw them as needed. Once again, Emma gets the benefits of DeFi without the hassle of organizing it herself.


Binance Earn offers a diverse range of products, all under one roof. There’s no need to lose track of where your crypto is or what it’s doing. That’s a relief for even the most experienced crypto enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for products with higher returns or hedging opportunities for your assets, there’s something Binance Earn can offer you.

DeFi Staking and Liquid Swap make diversifying your portfolio a breeze. Depending on your risk appetite, there’s a large selection of APYs and coins to experiment with. By staking and pooling your funds, you also help BUIDL the crypto ecosystem.

Dual Investment is a great tool to hedge prices while also earning enhanced yields. It’s perfect to use whether you think prices are bearish or bullish, making it a flexible product for any market condition.

Want to diversify your portfolio like Emma? Download the Binance app and explore what Binance Earn can offer your crypto persona.

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Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Earn Enthusiast
DexStrats 22 August, 2021
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