Meet the Artists and Creators Behind the Binance NFT Marketplace: 100 Creators Revealed

Meet the Artists and Creators Behind the Binance NFT Marketplace: 100 Creators Revealed Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Main Takeaways

  • Binance NFT, a groundbreaking marketplace for NFTs and digital collectibles, launches on June 24 

  • To spotlight local talent from around the world, Binance NFT will launch with “100 Creators” as part of an invite-only initiative

  • Expect both high profile “Premium Event” creators and a “Trading Market” that features regional talents and everyday creators

On June 24, Binance NFT will launch with an inaugural “100 Creators” program that features content from local artists and creators from around the world. As part of our initiative to spotlight diverse voices and perspectives, “100 Creators” will be part of Binance NFT’s “Trading Market”, which features content from regional talents and everyday creators. 

Binance NFT to launch with “100 Creators” to showcase regional talents 

The content from “100 Creators” program, as part of our “Trading Market”, will debut alongside our previously announced “Premium Event” category, which include high profile names and brands.

Helen Hai, Head of Binance NFT, notes “The 100 Creators campaign was created to empower innovative but regional creators and introduce them to NFT collectors and enthusiasts around the world. We are very excited to work with these creators and hope to bring them to the mainstream of the industry.”

One creator, Malaysian contemporary artist Red Hong Yi, whose stunning compositions have graced the cover of TIME magazine, gave a preview of what users can expect: “My first piece is inspired by the internet meme culture and it will be part of a series called ‘MemeBank’. My NFT will be proof of ownership for the physical artwork that I will be creating. I look forward to presenting my collectibles soon.”

See our developing roster below, with the final and full set of names to be announced in the coming days. 

Meet the Artists and Creators Behind the Binance NFT Marketplace: 100 Creators Revealed Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Here is the full list of artists, celebrities and creators participating in the ‘100 Creators’ campaign (in alphabetical order):  Aimi Sekiguchi (Via Miss Bitcoin Curator), Ali Young, Allen Ezail Iverson, Artcrypted, Atlético Mineiro, Aypera, backtopoints, Bianca Beers, BibisBeautyPalace, BitBlaze, Bitcoinaldia, Blizzart, Cássio Gusson (Picasso / Os Gêmeos), Cigar Cult NFT, Dangiuz, Demas Rusli, Dough-Boy, ECHO Beatbox, Eddie Betts , Eljaboom, Ema Stokholma, Emanuele Dascanio, Emre Yusufi, Falz, FC Dynamo Kyiv, FMT Jetlag, Gep and Josh of Autotelic, Giovanni Motta, GreyScaleGorila, Guè Pequeno,Gülten İmamoğlu, Hamza Kırbaş, HUR, IOYOI, James Newbury, Joe Bennett, John Aloisi, Johnny Gloom, Jonny Element x Aura Brinchmann x Mec San Diego, Julienco, Julius Reichel, Kelvin Okafor, Krzysztof Gonciarz, Leonardo Frigo, Leonardo Pereznieto, Lil Bubble, Luis, Luke Ross, Luna Maya, Lushsux, M.I, Maikeul, Marco Melgrati, Marti Wong, Martin Zucchini, Marvin Germo, Mikami Yua, Mike Deodato, Misha Most, Morgan Charrière, Muartive, Nicola Palmieri, O2, Osinachi, Pampili, PariMatch, Paula Klien, Paulo Del Valle, Phong Luong, Pokras Lampas, Potap, Preeyahwit Niljunka (Palm), Q8Three, Rayito, Red Hong Yi, RON(via Yuen 張園 ,Bobo Rok Curator), Rouge(via Yuen張園 ,BoBo Rok Curator), Russell Simmons, Sayonara Boy, SBTG, Sekure D, Sen, Simon Dee, Shouko Takahashi, Supla, Tailer Darden, Targz, Ternoa, Tina Karol, Tu Na, Uganda National Museum, Val1, Valentina Loffredo, WePlay, Wian, X World Games, Youkonejo, Yugnat999, YumYum, Zhuang hong-yi, *LLND (via Yuen张園 Curator), 丁武, 第九城市, 大悲宇宙, 好想兔 X 小賤狗, 寶博士 (Dr. dAAAb), 张知微, 張炳煌, 炎亚纶, 视觉中国, 閱部客 水丰刀, 陆军

What to expect from our Binance NFT marketplace

Whether you’re an NFT enthusiast or new to digital collectibles, Binance NFT promises one of the best collections of content available anywhere, along with a seamless user experience focused on ease-of-use and minimal transaction fees. Artists and creators can look forward to deep liquidity and access to one of the largest communities in crypto, in addition to some of the highest available royalty payment rates. 

The marketplace will feature all kinds of content, from visual arts and gaming to music and sports—in addition to unique, one-of-a-kind content. Tattoo artist Johnny Gloom, one of the “100 Creators” says, “NFTs are helping artists secure their work and giving them new creative perspectives no matter the medium they were initially working with, in my case - skin. I'm glad to work with Binance NFT for my NFT release. It has been a very interesting experience as a tattoo artist, working essentially in the tangible world and on people's bodies, to now present my work in a digital way.”

Visit Binance NFT for regular updates and get notified when the marketplace launches on June 24. Be sure to say tuned for some exciting updates in the coming days and weeks! 

Join our Binance NFT Community on Telegram for the latest news and updates. For artists and creators looking to collaborate, contact [email protected].

Meet the Artists and Creators Behind the Binance NFT Marketplace: 100 Creators Revealed
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