Reports V3 is here

Improved features, a new look and much more.

After carefully considering user feedback, we are delighted to unveil an array of new features and upgrades to our suite of reports, outlined in greater detail in this post.

We have created a dedicated website to track changes, notes, releases and other features related to the Bitfinex reports.

Bitfinex – Reporting

Displays the daily, weekly and monthly investment returns in a portfolio across a selected time frame.

If you have any additional feedback on how we can continue to improve our reports, please reach out to our customer support team or send a pull request on our GitHub repositories.

New style

Along with the style changes to the main website, the report’s sections have an improved look with some new specifications.

Reports V3 is here | Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

New login methodology

We’ve simplified the login procedure. Users are saved locally, which means there is no need to remember the API keys. This makes the process faster and more intuitive. Users can also add a password that encrypts their login information, protecting it from other users using the same terminal.

Reports V3 is here | Cryptocurrency Trading Signals, Strategies & Templates | DexStrats

Csv exports

To make exports even easier to manage, users can now select the folder where the csv files will be exported.

Click Alt, option or command depending on your configuration to open the menu.

Staking rewards

This new section shows all the rewards available related to staking activity. To get more information about staking and how it works, visit

Change logs

The change logs section enables users to keep track of their account history showing when account changes have been made, providing the ability to track and prevent suspicious activities.

Additional improvements

1 — Fixes in win/loss statements

2 — Fixes in DB synchronization

3 — Add support to old pairs and alternative protocols

4 — Unify calendar usage

5 — Display all derivatives

Future Plans

There are a variety of enhancements in the pipeline for reports in 2020:

  • Show account and sub-account activity as one account
  • Export tax report enabled for digital signature
  • New sub site for improved downloading of public data
  • Optimized framework for sharing data between users

While we have many future plans for our reports, what matters most to us is developing a framework that matches the needs of our users. To assist us, please share your feedback with our customer support team or on Telegram .

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Reports V3 is here
DexStrats 6 September, 2021
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