We have burned more than 640,000 EXM

On Tuesday, we burned 647,354 EXM equivalent to $58,262. After burning, the total supply of EXMO Coins decreased to 223 million tokens.

The amount of burned EXM is less than that burnt during the second quarter due to larger trading volumes, which allowed EXMO traders to reach a high level of cashback, without using the Premium Cashback package. Also, the number of burned tokens was affected by the price of EXM, which compared to the beginning of the last quarter, increased from $0.0034 to $0.096 – by more than 2700%. At the same time, the current quarterly burning is one of the largest in terms of US dollars – 11 times bigger than in the third quarter of 2020.

Burn event EXM burned EXM price in BTC* EXM price in USDT* USD value*
Upcoming Q3 2021 647,354 ≈ 0.00000277 ≈ 0.096 ≈ 58,262
Q2 2021 3,971,092 0.00000159 0.093 369,311
Additional burn 100,000,000 0.00000023 0.01136 1,136,000
Q1 2021 2,217,047 0.000000113 0.0037 8,203
Q4 2020 2,951,875 0.00000032 0.00425 12,545
Q3 2020 2,092,034 0.00000031 0.00256 5,355
Q2 2020 954,160 0.00000036 0.00247 2,356
Q1 2020 354,291 0.00000063 0.00463 1,640

*at the time of burning

About EXMO Coin

EXMO Coin (EXM) is the platform’s native token based on the Ethereum blockchain and compatible with the ERC-20 standard.

Over the past week, EXM has seen solid growth (+11%), with its price consolidating above the 9 cent mark. According to Cryptorank, EXM remains the most profitable exchange token of both the month and year. As of 1st July 2021, its ROI is estimated at 3415%.

Recently EXMO Coin has been added to TradingView.com, a platform that allows you to easily track the token’s performance and price dynamics.








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We have burned more than 640,000 EXM
DexStrats 23 July, 2021
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