All of my signals and strategies will work with all exchanges and all base currencies, and it's really up to you and your preference which you use. The templates, however, are preconfigured for certain exchanges and base currencies BUT you can use any exchange and base currency with any of the templates! You simply load a template for one exchange/base currency (like Binance USDT) and simply change the exchange and base currency (like Coinbase USD). Your saved changes should remain on the template and not cause any issues. We will walk through doing this in this course.

As a heads up, Coinbase has some of the highest trading fees of about 0.5% per trade, meaning that after buying and selling a coin, you're losing 1% of your profit margin just by using Coinbase. Binance and Binance.US have much lower fees of around 0.075%. After hundreds and thousands of automated trades over the years with Cryptohopper, I've saved thousands of dollars in fees by switching from Coinbase to Binance.US. 


To give you a quick idea of your best options with Cryptohopper:

Binance.US has fees around 0.075%

Kucoin has fees around 0.1%

Bittrex has fees around 0.12%

Coinbase has fees around 0.5%

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