You can always delete and recreate your hopper if there are stubborn issues going on and you aren't sure how else to get everything working. 

You must be cautious, though, as deleting your hopper will remove the open positions from Cryptohopper (but not your exchange) and reset any profit/loss percentages that the position had. Therefore when you create your new hopper, you will need to synchronize the positions into Cryptohopper and manually enter the price you paid for each coin, or just use the current price of that coin.

Hopper Stats and Positions Will Reset!
By deleting your hopper and creating a new one, your overall returns and profit statistics, along with the open positions, will be reset.

To start fresh with a new hopper, follow these steps:

  1. Manually sell all positions or record the rate paid for each position

    1. Pick one of these methods

        1. Manually sell all of your positions before deleting the hopper

        2. Or go into your exchange or each position and record the rate you paid for each coin

  2. Delete your Hopper

  3. Create a new hopper and set it up exactly as your old hopper

  4. Synchronize positions to new hopper

    1. Click "Synchronize" on the bottom right of your Dashboard

    2. Enter the original price paid for each of the coins you are synching back to your new hopper

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